Change signPeople generally hate change. Readers, if you’re thinking hate is too strong, remember those times when something was introduced unwelcomed. A new system at work, an utilities service charge increase, an unexpected illness, etc. During those periods, you were forced to learn new things and/or take a detour from the mundane schedule. Let’s face it. We are creatures of habit.

Our problem is when we’re fine-tuning our lives WE MISS SOME REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF! Look at these familiar statistics:

  • 1% of the population in the U.S. makes at least $352K in 2010 (NY Times, 3.26.12)
  • In 2010, the population of obese people in each U.S. state was over 15%. No state met the nation’s Healthy People goal (Center for Disease Control, 4.27.12)

Can you identify what was missed? If you can’t, I won’t hold it against you. If you missed the shift where the food became more processed because society demanded faster food…no pun intended. We shrugged our shoulders at the idea of a garden.  We missed hints at new innovative industry career paths. We barely listened as we overheard sound financial advice. Active listening should be defined as ‘engaging activities of interest’…why aren’t we interested? Is it the presenter or presentation?

Are we haters? Well, yes and no…sometimes. If the answer is yes, there is reason for the jealousy. If the answer is no, there is a reason you can’t seem to break your routine agenda.  Whether yes or no, the indirect cause of dissention is fear.

Next Exit SignPeople generally hate change because it is scary. It is the unknown that tend to keep people in a safe zone. As time passes, that zone becomes unstable without parallel shifts.

Evaluate your mindset, your lifestyle, and your choices often.  In doing so, you will not be caught off guard by this new changed world.  All according to Romans 12 verses 1 thru 3.




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