It is Simple to Avoid Mistakes

In today’s fast paced society, there are so many blunders made.  Noticing the same goofs appearing in everyday life, following the patterns of how and why these bloopers keep occurring. From the seemingly small to the pink elephants in the room, it is always good to do some self evaluation of behavior patterns. Normally, we tend to lean toward our negative performances and get down on ourselves while our strengths override all of the bad twenty-four seven. So let’s make it simple.

It is not that deep. As women, we psychologize almost every subject by making more out of a situation than it really is.  Men can really appear to be in control unless you know them. Their natural ability to want to ’fix it’ is disturbed by noticeable faults.  And with women it is almost the opposite, we care whether people can see or not because we assume the matter will become visible one day – any day.

The focus becomes the issue and not solutions.  Usually because of this type of attention to the issue more mistakes is made.  Based on serious observation, most misjudgments rear its ugly results thru these key areas:

  • AnxietyWhen a person is anxious for whatever reason, their decision making is sometimes rushed and/or blurred. They should seek counsel from positive clear headed people before going with whatever choice.
  • Laziness We all have been witnesses to a lazy person making a decision in plain sight. They simply do not concern or involve themselves with anything that matter in any particular state of affairs. The only cure for them is to wake up or hardship…read Proverbs.
  • AssumptionPeople assume. They know a thing because of familiarity. This causes some unforeseen problems sometimes. The only real solution is not to assume. Just because it feels the same, all circumstances are NOT exactly alike.

There is no one oblivious to this blueprint of errors.  While that is true, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over every mishap in our lives.  We should slow down and pay attention, we should be disciplined, and we should double check. To gauge where you are careless comes before slow down & pay attention, discipline, and double checking and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) comes after.

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