While You Wait…

While You Wait...Patience.  Its defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.  The part most of us have trouble with is that last piece..without getting angry or upset.  Some of you may be reading this and say well if Im not getting angry or upset, what in the world am I supposed to do?

Many of us find ourselves in situations that the only thing we can do is wait and the trial comes in on what to do in the meantime.  Whether you are waiting for a job call back, a loan to be approved, a child to come home or a husband they all require patience, a luxury not so easy to find these days.  The bible talks about as long as there is an Earth there will always be seed, time and harvest. We will always have to contend with waiting for what we have sown for.

Now on to what to do during the TIME before the HARVEST.  James 1 tells us to let patience have its PERFECT work…that trials come and we should REJOICE because we can be sure that we will be developed in faith and patience. This is a fixed fight, we sometimes forget…when its all said and done…we win! If you know that you win whats a couples months even a couple of years ? Much easier said than done right? Well we should all know by now that life just is NOT easy all the time!  Here are some tips to make it through as a Lady in Waiting….

1. Pray!

It’s that simple…you have to talk to God about your situation regardless of what it is and LISTEN for instruction

2. Write out/Review the vision for you life

With vision comes restraint.  When you know what you are here for, you will be able to make better decisions about where you going in life.  It will also help you cut away things that are not lining up with our purpose.  Make a vision board…keep it before your eyes! Rid yourselves of time thieves!

3. Live out the vision

Sometimes we have these vast plans for our lives but arent doing ANYTHING remotely close to what the end result is supposed to be…well honey how do you expect to get there?  GET TO WORK!

4. Praise God for the blessing!

The words says BELIEVE YOU RECEIVE, it also says FAITH IS NOW! It is not about when it happens it is about that fact that IT HAPPENED as soon as you asked of the Lord. Its a happy time!  Act like it…

5. Protect your ears from negativity

This is a time where you will need to be VERY careful on what you listen to…even if its your mama! This is a time where you want to draw close to wise counsel and positive and encouraging words like never before.  Listen to the word, read positive books, recite affirmations and confessions. Fill your mind with peaceful words…focus on what God has done…there lies your PERFECT PEACE!


If your blessing walked in today…would you be ready?  Is your mind right?  Most of us, if we are honest would say a resounding NO!  This is the time where we prepare and get ready for it to come so your transition will be smooth and easy.  Read books, clean your house, organize your closet…WHATEVER IT TAKES. You believe you received it right?  WELL ACT LIKE IT! :)

I am not speaking anything Im not living….with that being said…ITS TIME TO GET TO WORK!

Till Next Time…

Preparing A Place :)

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  1. Nikkita Morris says:

    I recently stepped outside of my patience walk…I felt God needed a little help apparently. Was I wrong! I appreciate this, it helps me get back in line as well as the comfort of knowing im not the only one waiting. This is great!

  2. Alison Harris says:

    Such an awesome, motivating and encouraging word. I am very grateful for this site!

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