Monitor your Speech

I’m honored to say that I sit under amazing spiritual leaders! With that, they encourage journaling, not as a means to vent but to have reference of victories, to measure growth and most importantly to monitor your thoughts, which directly effect what you speak. The main lie of the enemy is that there is no success in your life or that you are a failure. The truth of the matter is that you are powerful beyond your comprehension and the main medium to releasing the power is your mouth.

That main source of that power is Christ, yet your main source of releasing that power is through your mouth! The words you speak create the environment you abide in. Look at this example for instance: For years I felt entitled to things like the world owed me, I complained often of having to live in poverty and said if I had a better opportunity I could live successfully. The problem with these words are first, no one owes me anything, and second I empowered the mindset of poverty every time I complained about it and lastly, every opportunity I need to succeed Christ created on the inside of me.

Journaling has since allowed me to evaluate my train of thought, and thus began to release old things and began to “…be ye transformed by the renewing of your (my) mind.” Romans 12:2. It’s always good to celebrate growth, so the enemy can’t come in with his lies and false pictures of failure. So you may not be where you feel you should, but have you ever thought you were right where Christ wanted you to be? Or, that you can take authority over everything that exalts itself against the authority of Christ? 2 Corinthians 10:5

Now, I practice speaking the word of God to my situations and no matter what it looks like I stand on God’s word. When I don’t know what to do I ask for wisdom, when I can’t do anything I ask for peace. Peace settles the spirit, emotions, the body, the mind and God is able to move on our behalf. Often time we hinder our own blessing with the words that come out of our mouth because those words are not in line with Christ’s word.  Think about it, and watch how you use your power, through the words you speak.

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