SistersRead! It’s a wild time in South of Bixby Bridge by: Ryan Winfield


New up and coming author Ryan Winfield gears  up for a wild ride with his powerful debut novel South of Bixby bridge.Published in the fall of 2011 this novel has quickly risen to the top of must read kindle books.Ryan tells the compelling story of Trevor a young addict down on his luck when he is approached by rich hedge fund manager Paul Valombrosa who presents him with the opportunity of a lifetime full of sex, drugs, booze and oh yes plenty of money. Will Trevor ultimately be able to resist the powerful lure of his new boss and all the evil things that he stands for you will have to  read to find out.


South of Bixby Bride came to my attention as a daily deal from Amazon. If you know me I am never one to pass up a deal especially for a book. So when I viewed the 2.99 price tag I just had to check it out I mean it was only 3 dollars and if I didn’t enjoy the story I wouldn’t feel that bad. I have to say amazon was right this was an excellent novel written by an author I can’t wait to see more from. The story is told from the main character Trevors point of view. As a reader you can really feel Trevors struggles against his inner demons that have hunted him since he was a small child.Reading this  really makes you wonder about life and how the sins of your parents can ultimately scare you. I highly enjoyed this novel and will recommend it to anyone who enjoys fast paced novels.

Read this novel

Read this novel if you enjoy fast paced stories that are quick and easy to read.

Read this novel if you like stories that have a twist.

Read this novel if you like stories about overcoming struggles.



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  1. Thank you for reading my novel, and for posting this wonderful review. I feel very fortunate having my work recommended on your site.

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