Foreign Objects Hinder Healing

About two months ago I had outpatient surgery in order to remove a fatty tissue tumor from my arm. I decided to remove the stiches myself, and because there was still some left on the inside, the wound would not close properly. Once the surgeon properly removed the remaining stiches, my incision began to heal.

The same way my incision would not heal because of the foreign object in the way, is the same way our spiritual healing is affected when we put substitutes in the places where Christ desires to heal. Thus the foreign objects become hindrances to our healing and ultimately our growth in Christ and the manifesting of his love and blessings in our lives.

The beautiful fact about Christ is that His love is never failing even when you pull away. His word tells us that nothing shall separate us from his love. This means that nothing you do will or can cause/make him stop loving you. With this is not a pass to continue in sin, but to acknowledge your dire need for him. Sometimes our hindrances and distractions do more than keep us from our daily focus of Christ and His will for our lives; most often they halt the healing processes and can sometimes cause infections. The infections can be known as bitterness.

If Christ is saying let me have your heart, your mind, your body, your complete being and we say, well Jesus you can have my mind, my heart but my body I’d like to control. In this case your control or lack thereof hinders Christ from healing and restoring your heart to trust. In my case I chose to keep my heart in my own possession and thus ended up in a situation that hindered my healing, yet it did not stop the process of Christ expressing his unfailing love for me.

Though we learn from all situations we must consciously choose to live completely given over to the ways of Christ avoiding the interference of “foreign objects” and experience the fullness of Christ love.

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