A Love Eternal Pt 2

I can remember being in love with this young man (Love Game Host) and thinking if I was just a little bit nicer, a little more available for him that he’d love me and realize I was the “good thing” missing from his life; never once did I, in that season of my life, view Christ as my potential groom, as my love and only one who can wipe my tears and bring the purest joy to my heart.

Living in pursuit of the Father’s love will leave us feeling inadequate and incomplete because His sincere desire is that we rest in His love because it is already present and accessible. I once felt that if I sinned, no matter the action, that God would become angry or hurt by my mistakes or failures, but he isn’t. His purpose for the cross was to cover whatever I did at this present and the for coming moments. Despite what we are often taught to believe Jesus isn’t surprised by our mistakes.

Isn’t that amazing to know! Nothing we do can separate us from the love of God! Because He first loved me, I have an advocate! When the guilty plea is read Christ steps in and covers me with His blood and says what sin? He recognizes me as His own even when I feel I am unworthy. Just as our children misbehave, we never stop loving nor providing for them. If we have such compassion why would our all knowing, all seeing, all powerful God lack anything less! He desires to bless us…I would that you would prosper even as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2)…with that being said – never let anyone tell you because of any action you are doing that you don’t love God or even that He doesn’t love you.

To love me, to love you is His desire, yes, I know I said it a few sentences back but I believe God is speaking to some broken soul, that some hurting sister needs to know that fornication, cigarettes, lying, depression; nothing can make God push you away and revoke His promise to love you (us). He wants us to run to Him even when we fall, He wants to pick us up and say try again I’m with you even until the end of time (Matthew 28:20).

God’s word is truth and the enemy will do anything and tell any lie to cause us to doubt God’s truth! Now I realize the problem was in whom I was seeking to find a love eternal; I wanted the young man to view me as lovable, I wanted to be enough for him, to be His everything, when Christ was pursuing me to be my all, my everything and for me to view Him as loving and my only source of EVERYTHING needed to live. Now my heart is drawn towards Him as lover, Him as my groom and that nothing I can do will ever draw me closer to Him than simply resting in His love. Take a deep breath and relax, fall back into our Loves sweet embrace and know that there is none greater! I love you, but the only wise and eternal God loves you so much more.









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