Road to Nineveh

NinevahThe road you’ve avoided this whole time is the road you must travel.  These are words we don’t want to hear….EVER.  Why cant life be easy?  Take my advise.  Don’t ever ask that question.

Some super spiritual people don’t like to say things are “hard”…well I beg to differ.  Some things are HARD as DIAMONDS (they rank the highest on the Moh’s scale of hardness…had to throw some science in).  Just like diamonds…hard battles are worth winning.  Im sure Jesus didnt look at the cross and say….that was easy.  Face it friends…some stuff is rough!

Admitting that does not mean your ultimate defeat…it helps you realize:

2. Through Christ…ALL battles can be won…

Your job isn’t to act like its all easy…your job is to run into the arms that it is easy for.

Now back to the subject at hand.

Nineveh…a place of historical importance.

Mostly known for Jonah’s journey which is the inspiration of this entry.  Ninevah was a wicked place…full of foolishness and debauchery. None of the righteous dare set foot in there, yet God called Jonah to go in and save that place.  Jonah said NO SIR! Im out…Im going to get a ticket in the opposite direction…to safety.  Probably toward some Jewish resort…where he could worship and stay “safe”.  If you dont learn anything else in life…there is NO safety in disobedience.  After nearly killing everyone on the ship…Jonah finally came to his senses…and jumped ship literally.  We know the rest of the story….if not head on over to the Old Testament and read the book of Jonah sometime…its pretty good!

We all have to go to Nineveh at some point…
That place we are “too good for” “too smart for” “too lazy for” etc…etc…
Yet God said to go…why…to sharpen you….to prepare you for that place you’ve been begging him for but YOU AINT READY YET!  Jonah didn’t know why God would want him in such a place…they didn’t deserve his service…but Jonah didn’t even deserve to know God so how could he say that?  Every creation deserves to experience everything God has for them and if you are the vessel to use….you dont have the RIGHT to refuse Him.  They deserve the good news because He [God] wants them to have it. No other reason necessary. Its a privilege and an honor. On the other side of Nineveh is God’s favor, protection and approval.  Most of all over 120,000 people were saved…for that makes it all worth it!

Who will be saved during your road to Ninevah? Whose life will be changed?  For a little discomfort..if we can save a life…we should.  Especially when we know we are covered by the greatest of them all.  His promises are still YES and AMEN…even when it hurts!

Now get going!

Till Next Time
Nineveh Bound :)

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  1. Jonah is in a real dilemma. All the others on board have been calling out to their gods who were not gods at all, but just wood, gold, and silver images. Jonah knew the one true God, and yet he lay asleep. America is facing many difficulties. Everyone is crying out to their own gods looking for answers, but their gods of science, education, psychology, and social action are just wooden idols. They need to turn to the living God for their answers. The problem is that the church is asleep. We are resting, hiding from our responsibility of preaching the message of Christ. America will not be renewed by new programs or a new political agenda. America will only be renewed when it turns back to God. Jonah was to take the message to Nineveh. We are to take the message to our neighbors, our community, and our nation.

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