6 Quick Party Tips to Get You Through The Holiday Season Fit & Fabulous

So sistas are stressin’ out because we did it big for Thanksgiving and some of us are paying the price. Don’t fret. The holiday season is meant to be full of good tidings and cheer, not stress and and anguish. With all the party invites how can a girl have fun and fit into her clothes come January? Follow these few tips to stay fit, fabulous and stress free this holiday season:


1. Go Green

Have a mug of green tea before you go to your next holiday mixer. It will give you more energy to survive the night, it will suppress hunger pangs and it revs up your metabolism. This warm holiday treat will keep you right on track when you’re surrounded by tempting dishes all night long.


2. Snack Before You Scoot

Don’t show up to your next fiesta famished! Always have a salad, some veggies or a protein snack before you skedaddle to your holiday engagement. That way you won’t be at the mercy of all of those tantalizing treats that surely await you at the shindig.


3. Fiber is your Friend

Make sure your fiber intake is on point. The rich foods you’ll be consuming this holiday season may be low in fiber. When you’re at home make sure you get your fiber in for the day. It makes you feel full and satiated, plus it keeps you regular. That might be TMI, but I’m just saying, there is no need to store all those extra holiday cookies longer than necessary.


4. Dominate the Veggie Tray and the Fruit Platter

Dig into the veggies for a savory fix and nosh on fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. When you’re filled up on this good stuff, there will be little room for anything else. To really make it a win, stay away from the creamy dips and stick to the zesty vinaigrettes.


5. Taken or Single Be Sure to Mingle

I mean, it is a party after all. Turn your focus onto socializing and having a good time. Food isn’t everything and remember, it’s rude to talk with your mouth full. If you’re the one providing the laughs for the night, you won’t be able to get a chip in edgewise.


6. Bring Your Own Healthy Dish

This way you’re contributing to the party spread and you know you have a fall back dish to eat if there are no other healthy options to choose from. That’s a Win/Win situation!


I hope these quick party tips help you as you move through this holiday season, fit, fabulous and feelin’ fine!!!

What are you doing this holiday season to help you stay on track? Share with me in the comments below!


Jennifer Covington is the resident Destiny Coach at www.DestinyDiscoveries.com. She’s a world changer, humanitarian, traveler, writer and a Multi-Passionate Misfit. You can get in contact with her via emailTwitter and Facebook.




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