Tested, Tried….FAILED!

You never know who you are until you are face to face with a situation. Then you shall see if you are what you’ve been saying you are.  I think its healthy for us to have these situations.  How else will we know what we are made of?  Sometimes we think we are stronger or over certain things but you will never know until you confront those bones in the closet.  

Had one of those days….well a couple of days.  Instead of crying about it…I decide to move on…thank God I’m alive and look forward to 2013.  Reflecting on it…it shows you that God can shield you by any means necessary even when you are determined to do what you want to do.  If he has to harden the heart of a king for his people to be free… that’s just what He will do.  If your feelings have to be hurt to protect your gift….well you might find yourself crying but not for long.  Joy comes after midnight….ALWAYS.  Buck up! Trust me it happens to ALL of us! Even the perfection that is LESLIE DALLAS… I’m shocked too! Seriously, a calling, a gift or popularity does not shield you from heartache or pain.  Everyone will have to step up to the proving plate once, twice or thousands of times.  You may fail sometimes but His grace is sufficient. Allow failures to make you stronger and more compassionate toward others and their weaknesses.  No more PRIDE when you realize you can fall just as hard and look just as dumb as those you’ve been giving the side eye.

We all have had a chicken-head moment or two….
[WATCH! For laughs… :)] 

My best-friend and I had a grand old time reminiscing on some the dumb stuff we have done in the past….especially for the affections of another.  I will spare you the details. I mention this to say that its OK to laugh at your failures…it helps you reflect and keeps you from depression.  

A couple of my brothers (I have a few) lectured me about letting go of old stuff and not getting stuck in the past.  One compared it to a winter coat….he said you think you are OK because you put your winter coat away for the summer but when winter comes back you pull it back out and realize you still own the issue.  I hate being lectured…but my goodness that was good! 

As you go into the New Year…drop off the winter coats.  Sometimes God will block things because there are so many more coats that fit you better. Be careful, don’t think you can just go out and try anything and that angels will always rescue you from yourself…sometimes you may find yourself in some real mess. Its time to grow up and become stronger…shake off the embarrassment…talk to God about it….be honest with yourself and move on. Great thing is now you are equipped to help all the other chicken heads or fools waiting to be reformed with loving compassion and understanding! How cool!

Till the Next Time
Glad to be Going Home!  :)

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