Whistling. Emmett Till.

Running to hide. Ramarley Graham.

Wearing a hoodie. Trayvon Martin.

Listening to loud music. Jordan Davis.


It appears that due to gun owners feeling disrespected, whether real or perceived, America’s young black men are victims of brutal crimes that leave them dead; just because they are doing what teenagers do. The laws of this country include a long-standing standard that applies to what is right and good for our children. The standard is known as the “Best Interest of the Child” standard.

In the case of Jordan Davis, I have heard that Mr. Dunn, the shooter, was returning from his son’s wedding when he became agitated and decided to murder Jordan Davis. I struggle to envision that Mr. Dunn would have pulled out a gun to shoot at his son or his son’s friends for playing their music too loudly. Killing young black men was an ancient sport that was played with frequency, prior to the civil rights movement. It is becoming all to frequent in modern day America. Law abiding citizens recognize this old game even though it is wrapped in a new package. It appears that the modern justification for killing a black male teenager is that the killer is feeling threatened (even when the killer approaches his young victim) and is entitled to exercise the 2nd Amendment rights provided by our Country’s Constitution.

 It is sad to think that there are really people who believe that killing children can be justified under any circumstance. It is equally as sad to think that mature adults would not have the presence of mind to think about what is in the best interest of the child that is before the adult, prior to shooting to kill, just because a young black man is “looking suspicious”, wearing a hoodie, listening to loud music or running to hide. Not one of these actions should result in death.

The violent killing of black people, black men in particular, is an old theme; as old as the theme of this country’s interest in doing what is in the best interest of our children. The trials of the shooters will be an opportunity for the judicial system to send the message that law abiding adults will look out for the best interest of all of our children.

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