New Year – New Attitude

As we start celebrating the arrival of 2011, let’s not forget the lessons that we learned in 2010. We learned that we are the only ones that can speak for ourselves, to be more frugal with our hard earned money and to not worry about what other people think.

Now, what can we do with those lessons going into the new year? We can:

1. Find our own voice and speak up and not wait for someone else to speak for us. Groups such as the NAACP cannot be everywhere at the same time, speak up and let people know how you feel, you may make the difference that is needed.

2. Take responsibility for your financial security. If your job does not pay you enough to live where you are, take some classes at your local community college to train for a better job. Don’t let anything or anyone tell you that because you had a baby early or that you came up in less then ideal circumstances that you have to live on welfare or wait for your baby’s daddy to throw a few dollars your way to survive. If you are always in the stores buying expensive items (or a lot of items that you really don’t need) then ask yourself what would happen if I didn’t get that item, what’s the money that I can save. If you have a good job, but are still having financial issues, find a good financial planner to help get your finances in order. Make this your year to live financially secure!

3. If you know that you are living right then don’t worry about what other people are saying about you. But, if you are always running after a man, or letting men use you or trying to buy a lot of stuff that you don’t need (or can’t afford – please refer to # 2), then please take a minute (or two or three) to ask yourself what space you are trying to fill with men, things or both. If you don’t feel comfortable asking yourself, then talk with a girlfriend, minister or trusted relative about your feelings. Don’t let the fear of change hold you from reaching your full potential.

This can be the start of a new year, or the start of making the rest of your life the best that you can make it. What will be your choice?


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