New Year’s Resolutions – Did you make one this year?

Did you make a resolution this year? Do you make one every year only to break them by the end of January?  I used to make them until I realized that I was not even sticking to them by the middle of January.

This year I resolved not to make any resolutions.  Now I did promise myself that I would try to be more organized both personally and financially.  I am sticking to both of these promises and what I have found is that if I wanted to resolve to do something, then the way to do it is to make it not for the year, but for a short period of time, such as a month or in my case a semester

For example, I promise that this semester that I would change my study habits so that I can pass all of my classes with a good grade.  Now, in order to do that I had to use some technology and some old fashioned hard copy paper organizer.  Once I got the course outline from my instructors, I started to add dates and reminders to my MS Outlook calendar on the home computer.  I added reminders and attachments to my calendar entry to make sure that I stayed on track.

To stay financially organized, I will need to pick up the latest version of either MS Money or Quicken to track our spending.  To stay organized with the running of our rental property, I set up a database in MS Access (via the setup wizard – that will save you time and trouble if you have not set one up before) to track rents received, expenses incurred such as repairs, property taxes and the mortgage paid every month.

To make a resolution, one must have the strength to carry it through.  If you are like the majority of us who has good intentions, but not the strength of will to carry it through, then the baby steps that I have laid out may work for you.  Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas, please let me know.

Have a great week and if you are in the Southeast and reading this, stay warm!

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