Wait ‘Till They See Your Smile

Okay, picture this.  It is 2:00pm on a laid back Saturday afternoon.  You and your girlfriends have just eaten lunch.  Collectively, you decide that you’re in need of a little retail therapy.  You all mosey on over to the nearest mall and proceed to shop it out.  You’re laughing, and creating memories.  It is turning out to be a great day!

Then, you approach the cash register, and the clerk doesn’t greet you.  She merely rings up your merchandise, tells you the total and doesn’t lift her eyes until you produce your chosen method of payment.  The obvious disdain for her job is evident.  You and your girlfriends give each other the “no she didn’t” stare.  The tension is palpable.  FREEZE FRAME!  What do you do?  Do you ask her if she is having a good day and attempt to start a conversation?  Do you ask to speak to her manager because her attitude is less than desirable?  OR do you show her your warmest smile?

I hope that you’re the kind of sister that is going to bear the smile instead of the claws.  Why you ask?  Well, too many women of color only embrace those in their inner circle. Other folks need to experience your warmth of spirit and strength of character as well. That sister could be on her cycle and in pain.  She could have an ill family member.  She could even be sick from some bad that she at at the food court.  The point is, sometimes a smile can go a long way in the life of another.

You know what else?  Smiling makes you feel better.  Think of how it makes you feel when someone smiles at you as they pass you on the street.  How about a little reciprocity?  Pay it forward and pass those smiles out like lollipops!  Smiling makes you seem more confident and poised.  Smiling also makes you look younger.  Instead of paying for Oil of Olay, smile…it’s free!

Here are the tips:

1.  The next time you’re faced with adversity…simply smile.

You never know what may happen if you simply take a moment to smile.  Maybe that cashier’s life would be forever changed.

2.  Use your smile as a weapon.

Mama used to say “never let ’em see you sweat”.  Smile your way through adversity.  Don’t let people know the inner-workings of your heart.  Kill your adversaries with kindness.

3.  Smile your way into a happy relationship.

Your man does not want to work 40+ hours and come home to a grimacing spouse.  Smile at your man and melt his cares away!  You may even smile your way into some good lovin’!

Until next time, live like there is no next time!

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  1. Tracy says:

    I alway thought it odd when people asked my “why do you smile all the time?” I would just smile and say, “cause it feels good to me and to you”.

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