I Want to Look Like That

Have you seen her?  Her body is chiseled out of bricks from heaven.  She is expertly clothed with a black pencil skirt, crisp white blouse, long strands of pearls, patterned tights, platform leather pumps, wide snakeskin belt and a gorgeous hand bag.  Her make-up matches her complexion perfectly. There is not a hair out of place on her perfectly coifed head.  Oh, did I mention that she has a toddler in tow that seems equally as perfect?  You’ve seen her right?  Yeah, me too…heffa!

The pangs of guilt over your appearance are not yours alone.  Trust me, I love fashion…no for real.  I love fashion.  However, there is daycare, rent, utilities, gas, food and so many other things to buy that you sometimes don’t end up with enough money to dress as you would like to.  Don’t let that stop you!  That may have been that lady’s only nice outfit!  And you know girlfriend had on a pair of Spanx on top of her Body Magic!  She’s not perfect…no one is!  I know it is a daunting task to maintain your appearance and still perform all the daily tasks that are required of you.  However, if you dress up…you feel up!  So, let me help you…

Here are a few tips:

Tip #1:  You must own the following items – Black pencil skirt, black slacks, dark wash and well fitted jeans, white button down shirt, trench coat and a black blazer.

You can mix and match these items to create several flattering looks that appear well put together and functional for day and night.

Tip #2:  Select a hair style that you can manage on your own.

If your hair requires a stylist every week to look nice…that isn’t the style for you.  Find a look that is low maintenance and low stress!

Tip #3:  Make-up matters – find make-up that matches your complexion and is easy to apply on your own.

Make sure that you know how to apply day and evening looks with your make-up.  Sometimes all that is required is a little eye shadow.

Tip #4:  Accessories are EVERYTHING! Purchase ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, belts and bags to add that extra umph to your wardrobe!

Try buying costume jewelry from places like Charlotte Russe (2 for $8).  It tends to be trendy and is easily replaced if lost or broken.

Until next time, live like there is NO next time.

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