I CAN’T Take Time For Myself!

I know you.  Don’t look over your shoulder.  I’m talking to you girlfriend.  I know you.  You’re his wife, their mother, your boss’s employee, your mother’s child and your best friend’s confidant.  You work, clean, love, study, care, cook, wash and drive.  When all of that work is done, you’re tired.  Am I wrong?  I know I’m not!  See, I told you that I knew you!  I also know that you are so consumed with the day to day monotony of life that you have forgotten that you are allowed to have fun!  Where did your sense of adventure go?  Where did your love for theater go?  How long has it been since you’ve gone junkin’?  Just because you’re so many things to so many people, doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to enjoy your life.  Remember, if you’re not happy, then, NO ONE is happy!

Is it okay for me to take time for myself when there is so much to be done?

*As I roll my eyes and suck my teeth.*  Uh…YES!  It is perfectly acceptable!  Girlfriend…you need a hobby!  There has to be something that you do once a day, once a week or once a month that is solely for you.  Perhaps, it’s a Thursday night Yoga class.  Maybe you get a facial and a pedicure every two weeks or maybe you like making crafts (like moi).  Whatever it is, do it and be fulfilled.  Like my dear, dear mother always says, “if you don’t take care of the goose, it won’t lay anymore golden eggs.”  You will start to under perform on all of your jobs if you don’t take heed and snag some me time.

Juggling tip: Taking time for yourself is not robbing it from someone or something else.  You’re simply allowing yourself the time to be complete for when others need you!  HEL-LO!

Until next time, enjoy yourself like there will be no next time!

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