What A Mess!

After an awesome thanksgiving last November, I got home at 1 a.m., and headed straight to the kitchen to refrigerate all my goodies. In the process, I noticed a strange odor. At first, I thought it was the garbage, but this was a different smell. To my surprise and dismay, I tracked dog poop from the front door, through the living room, all the way to the kitchen. Since showering and going to bed were no longer options, I proceeded with the usual complaining followed by whining. At 1:30 a.m., I busted out the Bissell carpet steamer, prepped each spot with Kaboom, mopped the entire kitchen with Clorox, cleaned the entire carpet, sprayed with Resolve, cleaned the carpet again and cleaned my fave pair of Nine west booties.

Four pairs of gloves, a brush, two hand towels, a washcloth, and a room filled with fumes later, I realized the importance of the warning, “use in well ventilated area”. After my near death experience, it was now 3 a.m. Had I walked on the pavement and taken my shoes off at the door, I would have avoided this ordeal. I knew that small patch of grass did double duty as a doggie bathroom, but I took the chance anyway. I also knew that shoes should be taken off at the door, but was too lazy to do so.

This is life, moments of elation followed by periods when we feel like we’ve tracked dog poop through the house. Yes, my fave booties lived to see another outfit, and I replaced my towels; however, time and energy are irreplaceable.  Why waste such precious resources on unpleasant experiences that can be avoided.

Ladies, as you go through life beware of messes disguised as shortcuts. Would you rather go to bed in peace, or spend the night cleaning up a mess? 

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