When you wind up in a pit, it is easy to wallow in self-pity and give up. However, giving up shouldn’t be an option; you should strive to outlast your troubles. The way to do this is by living on the flipside of adversity. There, many blessings reside. Focus on the provisions, not on the problem. Focus on the opportunities, not on the mistakes. This will result in a life filled with joy. Living on the flipside offers opportunities to learn, serve, and grow. All you have to do to conquer the distractions, discouragements, and disappointments that are a part of life, is change our perspective.

Appreciate everything, even trials. Adversity builds character and integrity. Approach life’s challenges with grace and control. Refuse to allow your trials to take you to a place of confusion, depression, and self-pity. Vow to be more than a conqueror. Overcome all obstacles, defeat your giants, and outlast your troubles. A heart of gratefulness fosters joy and peace. In the midst of trials, count your blessings. Blessings provide the fuel needed to persevere.

Low self-esteem/Beauty
Don’t simply look beautiful, be beautiful. Exude beauty from the inside out. It is important that your appearance be a true reflection of how you feel and think about yourself; otherwise, you’re wearing a mask and fooling no one.  Allow your inner being to flourish by eliminating all things negative: negative thoughts, negative emotions, negative communication, and negative people. Then, replace this negativity with all things positive. Define who you are, think highly of yourself, and assert your self-worth.

Change is scary because it requires that you challenge yourself, assess your internal and external environment, act, and adjust. Release the fear that accompanies change, because change offers the opportunity to grow, meet new people, and learn new things. Adversity takes us out of our comfort zone. Instead of operating from a place of fear and timidity, be confident in your approach and become proactive. By being proactive, you will open doors that lead to a wealth of information, people, and help.

A life without boundaries is a life in chaos. Boundaries define your space. Boundaries let others know when they have invaded and violated your personal and emotional space. Clear boundaries let others know what you will and will not do, and allow you to make decisions from a place of love, rather than fear and obligation. When you operate in chaos, you take the backseat in your life by relinquishing ownership and control of your destiny. By setting healthy boundaries, you will be able to take back control and steer your life in the direction you desire.

The road to peace is paved with forgiveness. In order to move forward, you must forgive. There is freedom and empowerment in forgiveness because it allows you to emancipate yourself from the past. Relinquishing past hurt gives you freedom to pursue a life of peace and joy, freedom to pursue your destiny, and freedom to use this tragedy as a stepping-stone of empowerment, rather than defeat. Forgiveness holds the key that opens the door to a new start.

In the midst of adversity, we tend to focus on finding solutions. Instead, focus on opportunities. Acknowledge and act on every opportunity that will lead you closer to the life you desire. Opportunities provide the ammunition to attack the battles, so you can win the war.

You have a purpose. No matter how unfair you think life is, there are many areas in your life that abound with favor. See yourself at your full potential. Don’t get stuck in the “now” of your circumstances. Don’t use your current situation as an excuse to settle. Find and develop your talents. Believe that you can accomplish great and mighty things.

Operating in faith means knowing and believing that God’s ability to take care of you is independent of your circumstances. Earnestly believe that God is in control and resolve to continue to operate in God’s will. God desires that you be totally dependent on Him. Give Him your all. When you give God your all, He equips you for the challenge, takes you through the struggle, and guides you to the destiny He planned for you.

When you make negative declarations about your situation, you limit your options. Valley experiences are uncomfortable, but your declarations must always be positive. Your speech should always be optimistic. Your delivery should be as important as your message. Instead of declaring, “I hate this situation”, declare, “this situation is challenging, but I will remain optimistic.” Both declarations acknowledge that the situation is unpleasant. However, the first offers no options. The second allows you to remain hopeful.

Take control of your destiny. Refuse to allow set-backs to control the direction of your life. View your set-backs as an opportunity to reset, recalculate, and readjust to the new route on your adventure of life.

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