Maybe I Should Have Given Him Some?

It is 10:45pm and I am beyond tired.  I am TI-RED!  As I slip into my bed and find that sweet spot on my pillow, my husband gently kisses my ear and whispers his request for some “extra time”.  My body wants to honor his requests and then some but, my mind is screaming HELL NAW so loud, I can’t help but to listen!  I sit straight up and look at him and begin to rattle off my daily tasks like one of those automatic guns on his “Call of Duty” video game. His facial expression is one of sadness and surprise.  I throw my body on the mattress and fling the comforter over me like a superhero flings their cape.  I start to think, “Maybe I should have given him some”…

Is it fair to deprive your man because you’ve had a full day?

Well, that depends, is your man willing to alleviate some of your daily pressures by providing unsolicited help?  If so, the answer is no, don’t deprive your man that is willing to be a good team player.  After all, he needs some incentive to continue to be a good team mate.  If the answer is yes, well then, that is another issue entirely!  A wise woman once told me that we as women have “THE POWER”!  Don’t sit there and pretend as though you are unaware of what the power is!  Wield that sword ladies!  Just like the good team mate needs some incentive to remain off the bench, the benched team mate needs some motivation to get back in the game!

Tip: It is okay to use every tool in your toolbox to get the job done.  Even in your relationship…tools are needed!

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  1. Katja says:

    It would be nice if they would PLAN to have special time and then help you get stuff done during the day so you can both enjoy a good night. What’s with waiting until you’re almost asleep already?

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