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Tracey Brown Tate, Style and Beauty Editor is more than mildly obsessed with dream creams, perfecting potions, and red lipstick. She is a 25 year beauty industry veteran — makeup artist, esthetician, copywriter, editor, blogger, product expert and basic product junkie — who loves waxing poetic over the perfect bronzer as much as she does actually wearing it. Her mission is to broaden the horizons of all Sisters to embrace their ubiquitous beauty — inside and out.
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Ebonie-Marché Joneswas raised on the island of Antigua, and currently resides in New York City.  She holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay College, and has a passion for motivating her sister-girls.She believes in the power of support.  She also believes that it is impossible for faith and worry to co-exist.Ebonie embraced this perspective when, during a valley experience, she discovered an abundance of blessings.  She realized she had the support of awesome sister-friends, strength to persevere, and a desire to encourage, inspire and motivate others.  Her most precious lessons:  The direction of life is dependent on choices not on circumstances.    The past does not predict the future.  God’s ability to provide is unaffected by outside factors.Her passion is to motivate each woman to cultivate a forgiving heart that quickly releases the past, a strong mind equipped to conquer and survive any challenge, and safe spaces that offer support and encouragement.
Maria Taylor-Perrycurrently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She is active in the Prince Hall Affiliated female Masonic organizations.   Maria also holds an elected or appointed position in all six organizations in North Carolina.  She enjoys reading, cooking, home improvement and web surfing for research and fun. She is the married mother of six (1 deceased), and works full-time and attends school part time.
Rochelle Washington is a mother, wife, full time employee, full time student and entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA.  She writes a weekly soap opera, called Cravencrest and owns a business called RoSIGNEDit Creations and Planning  She also blogs about all things crafty on her blog called Two Tears in my Bucket  Her hobbies are writing, singing, card making and crafting.  Her personal philosophy is take the talent, make the time and make it great.
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Denine Rogers is the Founder of Living Healthy with an extensive educational and practical background in the healthcare field. Her experience consists of a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Diabetes Nutritional Specialist, Cultural Diversity Consultant, Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Health Coach and Volunteer Master Gardener. She is a member of the Greater Atlanta Association of Diabetes Educator, Toastmasters, American Dietetic Association, Nutrition Entrepreneurs, African American Committee of Interest Group, American Association of Diabetes Educators, Georgia Dietetic Association and Greater Atlanta Dietetic Association. She is continuing her education by pursuing a Master of Holistic Health Degree. Her passion is bridging the gap of Complementary and Alternative Medicine with Allopathic Medicine along with Cultural and Diversity practices.  Currently, Ms. Rogers is the Chairperson for the African American Committee of Interest Group of the American Association of Diabetes Educators, has been selected as the Face of the American Dietetic Association for 2012-2013 and has been selected as part of the American Dietetic Association Diversity Leaders Program. Denine Rogers is a published author and accomplished speaker.  Living Healthy website address is:   To read more about Denine Rogers check out her blog:
Arielle Gooden, A 2005 graduate of Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK) and a 2010 graduate of Texas A&M University (Texarkana, TX), Arielle K. Gooden holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a minor in Non-Profit Business, and a Master of Science in Education. In addition to that, she holds a certification in esthetics (skin care and makeup) and is a licensed elementary educator. Having served as a television singer on the national inspirational broadcast, “The Hour of Healing: Something Good Tonight”, as well as having led worship at Christ Nations Church (Pastor Isaac Pitre) in Texarkana, TX, Arielle is no stranger to ministry. In 2009, Arielle released her first single, “Born 2 Love U” proclaiming that the answers to all of life’s questions lie in the realization that we’re all born to love Jesus Christ. Her passion is to see women embrace every aspect of their being as God-given, and her mantra is this: “The only shoes I’m supposed to fill are my OWN, and they are a size 7.5! Your shoes are pretty, but I don’t know what it took for you to get them. I’ll compliment you and keep it moving. The same should apply for you – compliment your sister’s shoes and keep it moving! No competition necessary… ROCK YOUR SHOES WITH CONFIDENCE ON YOUR PRE-DESTINED PATH! Nobody else can do what you’re supposed to do like you! Believe that!”  
 Attorney Felisa Johnson is licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Georgia, offering legal services in Chicago and Atlanta.  The Law office of Felisa Johnson serves clients with matters involving family law, including divorce, wills and probate, real estate, personal injury, criminal law and business law, with a focus on matters affecting small businesses.Felisa Johnson has been a licensed, practicing attorney since 1986, In addition to her private practice, Felisa has worked on the Federal, State and local levels of government.  Felisa has been married to Geoffrey Johnson for 30 years and is a mother of 2 adult children and teenagers.Felisa welcomes invitations for speaking engagements.