Hats off to the super curly ladies who have decided to explore their natural texture!  I got my first relaxer when I was at least twelve years old, and until I transitioned, forgot what my natural … [Read more...]

Confidence and the Black Woman


Unfortunately we as Black Women get up almost every day having to prove to the world that we can do the same things a White Woman can.  Our difference, more fortitude and forth righteousness, but why … [Read more...]

You have a hustle, are you making money?


At times, my job feels like a flea market. Honeydripper lady to the left, dvd man to the right, designer purses on the lower level. Once I got past the foolery of it, I could not help but admire the … [Read more...]

I’m too busy


I read an interesting article, Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand. It was an interesting and sometimes sarcastic look at the world of Mommy Blogging. … [Read more...]

Happy V-Day to all the Single Ladies!!!


Are you anxiously counting down the moments until this day is over?  Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to celebrate love -- when you are in a relationship.  When you are not, it kinda sucks.  … [Read more...]

Nerdy. Sexy. Call Me.


When I was young, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was the most popular show in my neighborhood.  Every week, after each show, my gal pals and I would get together and swoon about Will.  He was tall and … [Read more...]

Mom, I thought we were white.

"But mom, I thought we were white."

Yesterday I told my six year old son that we were celebrating Black History Month.    He said, "but February is Valentine's Day."  I explained that Valentine's Day was a Day in the Month.  But … [Read more...]