Stop, Proceed With caution, Dead End: What Warning Signs Are You Ignoring?


Following directions and signs are necessary for every day living. For instance, when driving, it’s important to follow the signs that warn us about detours, or it could be something as simple as a … [Read more...]

Single for the holidays


Last Friday, I went to happy hour with friends, and found myself having a very pleasant conversation with another woman who’d joined our party. As we made small talk, I asked her what she was doing … [Read more...]

Stay or Go


How do you know when enough is enough? When dating someone you really like and care about one of the toughest decisions you will have to make, is whether to stay or go when you begin to feel that the … [Read more...]

Remember When


Do you remember when  You were my King, and I was your Queen … [Read more...]

New Love – The Newborn Syndrome


For all my mothers out there, do you remember when your first child was born? The pregnancy was full of fear, excitement, and angst for the changes that are bound to take place.  The labor a mix of … [Read more...]

Moving on After Divorce: You Can Do It


So the divorce is final and the kids have come to grips with the fact that mommy and daddy are no longer an item. What’s next?  … [Read more...]

Let’s Hear it for the Boy


Let’s give the boy a chance... “Be your man’s cheerleader – or someone else will” was a status posted by one of my Facebook friends. … [Read more...]