See it, believe it, and achieve it!


My motto for 2012 is “see it, believe it, and achieve it!” While talking with a friend about all of the things I would love to accomplish this year, she suggested that I create a vision board to … [Read more...]

STOP Saying This to Single Women!


After spending yet another holiday season without a significant other, I voiced my frustration on a certain social network in full view of my friends. I wasn’t expecting a reaction; just using it as … [Read more...]

Some Helpful Hints to Combat Fitness Hair

Fitness Hair 2

Sisters are baffled with having to choose between keeping their hairdos tight or keeping their bodies tight. We all know that a relaxer is not meant to be shampooed on a daily basis.  Here are a few … [Read more...]

Medical Monday: Cervical Cancer


Cervical cancer is cancer that starts at the cervix, the lower portion of the uterus that enters the top of the vagina.  The disease can be localized, or may spread to the lungs, liver, uterus, and … [Read more...]

Let’s Hear it for the Boy


Let’s give the boy a chance... “Be your man’s cheerleader – or someone else will” was a status posted by one of my Facebook friends. … [Read more...]

Keep on keeping on after a setback


In April, I lost my job of 13 years after some setbacks in the workplace. While I do admit to having a "pity party" for at least a couple of days after I was escorted out of the building by Human … [Read more...]

Women Should Take More Control


Editor's Note:  This post is written by Wisdom is Misery, to learn more about WIM, check out his GoodBrother! feature. Of the many debates I’ve had on-line, few are as passionately disputed as … [Read more...]

Why are you so ANGRY?


I've always aligned myself with the philosophy that letting your anger and frustration out was better than holding it in.  Think about it, if you allow your stress and daily pressure to well up … [Read more...]

You’re Worth It!

White Flower near Christian Cross

As we ponder the death and resurrection of Christ this weekend, (and hopefully forever after) consider how awesome God thinks we are that He would commission the Perfect Man (Christ) to die to set us … [Read more...]

SisterLinks: I Can’t Date Women that I Like & More…


One of the things that I love about the internet is the wealth of information that is available. Check out these great links below: … [Read more...]