SistersRead! It’s a wild time in South of Bixby Bridge by: Ryan Winfield


  New up and coming author Ryan Winfield gears  up for a wild ride with his powerful debut novel South of Bixby bridge.Published in the fall of 2011 this novel has quickly risen to the … [Read more...]

Seated with Greatness


    This month, my ministry was taken to the next level. Yesterday I contacted a friend of mine who's a good 40 years my senior (I'm 24). He's one of the nicest most well-rounded … [Read more...]

The Help Recap


To All of Our Members:   I just want to start off with saying "Thank You!” Our discussion of the book and movie THE HELP on Thursday evening was overwhelmingly successful! The topics were more … [Read more...]

Mom, I thought we were white.

"But mom, I thought we were white."

Yesterday I told my six year old son that we were celebrating Black History Month.    He said, "but February is Valentine's Day."  I explained that Valentine's Day was a Day in the Month.  But … [Read more...]