STEM: Better than Self-Esteem


In order to help our kids succeed, we’ve been trying to boost their self-esteem. We tell them that they’re beautiful and special, and that they deserve the best. We tell them that God made them … [Read more...]

Musings while on the job hunt


It is a new month, and while I am glad that April is finished there were some events during the month that begs to be remembered as a learning experience. The biggest one is that I lost my job of 16 … [Read more...]

Maybe It’s Me


It never seems to be your season.  For some reason, your boss never holds more than a two minute conversation with you.  Your co-workers never invite you to lunch and you get looked over for … [Read more...]

You have a hustle, are you making money?


At times, my job feels like a flea market. Honeydripper lady to the left, dvd man to the right, designer purses on the lower level. Once I got past the foolery of it, I could not help but admire the … [Read more...]

How to keep it together and stay sane at the same time


Like many women today I juggle multiple roles: wife, mom, step-mom, working woman, part-time college student - you get the idea.   Trying to keep it together and staying sane is a challenge for … [Read more...]

I CAN’T Take Time For Myself!


I know you.  Don’t look over your shoulder.  I’m talking to you girlfriend.  I know you.  You’re his wife, their mother, your boss’s employee, your mother’s child and your best … [Read more...]