5 Possible Reasons You’re Still Single

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Memorial Day heralds the unofficial start of summer.  The rising temperatures are usually mirrored by rising hemlines and libidos.  Single people are on the hunt, in search of the ever elusive … [Read more...]

How To Tell If The Person You’re Dating Is Crazy


If it’s one thing that I have learned when it comes to dating, it is that perception is everything. … [Read more...]

Closer Than Most:Friends With Benefits


Can men and women, be just friends? This is a question that has plagued many, and in the 1989 hit film, When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal’s character tells Meg Ryan that men and women cannot be … [Read more...]

New Love – The Newborn Syndrome


For all my mothers out there, do you remember when your first child was born? The pregnancy was full of fear, excitement, and angst for the changes that are bound to take place.  The labor a mix of … [Read more...]

SisterLinks: 15 Reasons I Love Not Fitting In and More…


Thursday is becoming my favorite day of the week.  It's close to Friday, and I can share my weekly inspirations.  Do you have a post we should feature? Leave a comment. "I really don’t think life … [Read more...]

Women Should Take More Control


Editor's Note:  This post is written by Wisdom is Misery, to learn more about WIM, check out his GoodBrother! feature. Of the many debates I’ve had on-line, few are as passionately disputed as … [Read more...]

GoodBrother! Wisdom Is Misery


Our latest GoodBrother! is Blogger Wisdom is Misery.  He will be featured as a guest blogger for SistersSpace next week.  WIM has an incredible writing style that is both reflective and insightful. … [Read more...]

You’re Worth It!

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As we ponder the death and resurrection of Christ this weekend, (and hopefully forever after) consider how awesome God thinks we are that He would commission the Perfect Man (Christ) to die to set us … [Read more...]

SisterLinks: I Can’t Date Women that I Like & More…


One of the things that I love about the internet is the wealth of information that is available. Check out these great links below: … [Read more...]

Love You or Lose You


Recently, I had a conversation with one of my closest girlfriends.  The fact that she's one of my closest friends is not incidental.  It's important because that means that she and I are so close … [Read more...]