“How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?”


Micheal Bolton eloquently wrote the lyrics to a song that symbolizes the pain we feel when people we love walk out of our lives.  He addresses his former love, telling her that she has broken his … [Read more...]

Life: A Gift and a Privilege


  A friend of mine who is about twice my age delivered some news to me the other day that truly hit home. Considering the sweet, upbeat and conversational tone she used while posting facebook … [Read more...]

A Word from God Can Save a Life


Proverbs 12:25- An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.   It was an ordinary Sunday serving on the Church Children's Ministry, so I thought. And we actually … [Read more...]

Taken for Granted

Smiling Family Posing in Field

Many of you may be able to attest to the loss of special loved ones. I have experienced many losses over my 30 years which would include the loss of my sister, my grandparents(both sets of maternal … [Read more...]

The Loss of a Pet


To some this article may seem a bit silly. To others it will seem timely and personal.  I am speaking to those of you who have a pet and love them, or had a pet you loved, and lost them.  … [Read more...]