STEM: Better than Self-Esteem


In order to help our kids succeed, we’ve been trying to boost their self-esteem. We tell them that they’re beautiful and special, and that they deserve the best. We tell them that God made them … [Read more...]

Time to go back to school!


A few years ago, Staples had a commercial that used the tune; "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year."   It showed a father happily running around the store on a cart while his two children walked … [Read more...]

GoodBrothers! Donahue Tuitt

Image Credit: IMDB

When it comes to the entertainment business, Donahue Tuitt “gets don 2 it”.  This multi-award-winning filmmaker is an entertainment powerhouse.  … [Read more...]

What does being black really mean?


Have you noticed that in some people's minds, to be really "Black" then you must wear really baggy pants and over-sized t-shirts if you are a male and really tight, tacky t-shirts and big gold jewelry … [Read more...]