STEM: Better than Self-Esteem


In order to help our kids succeed, we’ve been trying to boost their self-esteem. We tell them that they’re beautiful and special, and that they deserve the best. We tell them that God made them … [Read more...]

Happy Kwanzaa Time!


During the week of December 26th  thru January 1st, 2012 is a long seven day ceremony of bountiful  feasts, storytelling, music, dance and rich symbolism serves as a window to the African heritage - … [Read more...]

Taken for Granted

Smiling Family Posing in Field

Many of you may be able to attest to the loss of special loved ones. I have experienced many losses over my 30 years which would include the loss of my sister, my grandparents(both sets of maternal … [Read more...]

8 Easy Tips On How To Declutter Your Home For Summer Fun


In the days before freeways when I was a child my mother would load up the car with two kids and everything we would need for the summer and travel about 600 miles to our grandmother's home. Summer … [Read more...]

Family Reunion Season


It’s family reunion season. Family reunions have always been something that I could take or leave.  (Please don’t take away my Black Card.)  We were never extremely close to our extended family. … [Read more...]

Are you ready?


Some people think the end of the world is near.  I mean major natural disasters such as the quake and Tsunami in Japan, civil wars in the Middle East, and global warming makes this a scary time for … [Read more...]

March Into a New Frame of Mind


Okay. So March is here, and Spring is right around the corner. What are your plans as we go into this "new" part of the year? … [Read more...]

How not to be a sports widow


If you can answer the following three questions, then you may be a sports widow: … [Read more...]

Who do you think you are?


One of my favorite quotes is by Leighton Ford who stated that, “God loves us just the way we are but too much to keep us that way.” … [Read more...]

20 Dumb Ways to Manage Your Money


Ever wonder how some people make being dead broke look so easy? If you're envious of their ability to make dumb financial decisions look smart, then envy no more. I've compiled a total of 20 … [Read more...]