This will bring tears to your Eyes–MUST READ


             After reading this, I pray you will walk in the humility that is needed for this season.          After so much praying, commitment to reading God's Word and … [Read more...]

How To Make A New Year’s Resolution That Will Give You Results!


I have received several inquires pertaining to making "good" resolutions and dreaming big enough to even have something to look forward to. In response,  I have compiled a list of questions I'm … [Read more...]

Happy Kwanzaa Time!


During the week of December 26th  thru January 1st, 2012 is a long seven day ceremony of bountiful  feasts, storytelling, music, dance and rich symbolism serves as a window to the African heritage - … [Read more...]

Happiness on Memory Lane


Happiness is a state of mind It makes it easier to be kind Your inside sings with the joy it brings As your stress goes down is a wonderful thing The security that all is well will have … [Read more...]

What can you do for a dollar?


My son is a precocious six year old.  I asked him why was he always so happy.  His reply was that he was born this way. And I think it’s true.  I don’t know anyone who dare say that my child … [Read more...]

Conquer The Elements


I ventured outside, only to be greeted by what I considered to be gale force winds, rain and puddles upon puddles of water.  Surprisingly, people wearing waterproof boots were acting as if they … [Read more...]