I Want To Lose Weight…So I should sleep more?


So I hear sleep is good for weight loss... Experts say getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night is essential to those of us that are trying to reduce in size. Seems strange...why would sleeping … [Read more...]

What do you really know about breast cancer?


In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness, our in house physician, Dr. Jones tests your knowledge of breast cancer. If you have any medical questions, ask here. … [Read more...]

Medical Monday: Cervical Cancer


Cervical cancer is cancer that starts at the cervix, the lower portion of the uterus that enters the top of the vagina.  The disease can be localized, or may spread to the lungs, liver, uterus, and … [Read more...]

“I didn’t know I could burn calories doing that!”


When we think of physical activity and burning calories, most of the time things like aerobics, running, jogging, and lifting weights are the first things that come to mind.  We fail to realize that … [Read more...]

To Train or NOT to Train…that is the QUESTION

Woman Lifting Weights

Oftentimes, when people think of getting in shape or losing weight, one of the first options is personal training.  So, we go out to the gym and find a personal trainer who’s right for us, pay them … [Read more...]

GoodBrothers! Afam Onyema


He turned down $160,000 for the opportunity to save more than 160,000 lives.  Meet Afam Onyema. … [Read more...]

Resisting Office Temptation


My office consistently tests my determination to be a figure competitor. Everyday there is some new insulin-spiking foolishness trying to get me off track. The amount of junk food that walks through … [Read more...]

The Super Food of the World – The Benefits of Wheat Grass


I first learned the benefits of Wheat Grass when I started to drink a vegetable drink called Green Vibrance. I’m not big on vegetables, but I knew I needed to eat more of them to stay healthy. … [Read more...]

Preparation for success in 2011


What many fail to realize is success comes with a price, and a heavy price at that. Whatever area or expertise you are pursuing will cost you plenty if you want to be succeeding at a higher level. … [Read more...]

Are Your Lifestyle Choices Killing You Slowly?

Woman Holding Donut

The biggest challenge today regarding your health is the decision to make the best choices. The media has flooded the marketplace with an overwhelming amount of information on dieting, exercise, … [Read more...]