Miracles Still Happen/Reboot Your Life Day 2


Have you ever felt hopeless?  I’m sure we have all felt that way once in our lives.  At work, me and my students had the awesome opportunity to raise a monarch butterfly from its chrysalis (or … [Read more...]

Making a Commitment to Myself


I am far from an expert. I am simply a woman that has decided to make a change in her life and, along the journey, has gleaned from experiences. I am not always confident in the choices I have made … [Read more...]

Who needs a gym when you have a home?


As women, we have so many hang ups that keep us from joining a gym. Oftentimes, gyms are intimidating and expensive.  If the buffed up men aren’t eyeing you through the mirror then you have to … [Read more...]

What New Year’s Resolution??


Its officially February…one month in the New Year has already passed.  Many of us made our New Year’s Resolutions…most of which had something to do with losing weight, getting in shape, or … [Read more...]