Healthy Eating for the Hoildays

Holiday Turkey

  Cakes, pies, cookies and candy. The holidays are a time of feasting upon a variety of foods, including sweets. You don’t have to avoid all of your favorite treats during the holidays. Just … [Read more...]

SANCTUARY! Your Home Is Sacred

Anthony Chapel Sanctuary

 Once described as a sacred place where one was free from persecution, sanctuary has come to mean a place of solace, refuge.  My home is my sanctuary, a safe haven from the outside world. … [Read more...]

The Single Girls’ Guide to Summer Fun


All the single ladies, summertime is upon us, and it’s around this time that we get a little depressed, if not nauseous, at couples strolling along the promenade, picnicking, and holding hands at … [Read more...]

Rediscovering your hometown


After leaving home at 18 to attend college for the first time and making the decision at that time not to return to my hometown due to some family issues, I have rediscovered that I miss my hometown, … [Read more...]