Road to Nineveh

Road to Nineveh

The road you've avoided this whole time is the road you must travel.  These are words we don't want to hear....EVER.  Why cant life be easy?  Take my advise.  Don't ever ask that question. Some … [Read more...]

This will bring tears to your Eyes–MUST READ


             After reading this, I pray you will walk in the humility that is needed for this season.          After so much praying, commitment to reading God's Word and … [Read more...]

Life: A Gift and a Privilege


  A friend of mine who is about twice my age delivered some news to me the other day that truly hit home. Considering the sweet, upbeat and conversational tone she used while posting facebook … [Read more...]

See it, believe it, and achieve it!


My motto for 2012 is “see it, believe it, and achieve it!” While talking with a friend about all of the things I would love to accomplish this year, she suggested that I create a vision board to … [Read more...]

Life Lessons From Gardening


Last year, I became the proud owner of a plot in a local community garden. I thought the experience would provide me with some great vegetables – and it has. What I didn’t expect was how much I … [Read more...]

Analyze This! Self Reflection for 2011


It’s August, and now is a great time to assess the progress you’ve made so far.  Doing some housecleaning now will help you feel better at the end of the year.  It’s time to  readjust or … [Read more...]

S.O.S (Save Our Sisters)


After an intense email exchange with my online women’s group, I feel compelled to address this topic. I read the book Single Saved and Having Sex by Ty Adams. This book outlines the grave … [Read more...]

Down in The Garden


“A healthy garden is a reflection of a healthy soul.” Every gardener plants with the intention of a bountiful harvest. No gardener (professional or novice) sets out with hopes that their … [Read more...]

Conquer The Elements


I ventured outside, only to be greeted by what I considered to be gale force winds, rain and puddles upon puddles of water.  Surprisingly, people wearing waterproof boots were acting as if they … [Read more...]