Breast Cancer Awareness Month


As an African American woman this month which is Breast Cancer Awareness has recently hit home.  A family member very close to me who I would not name was recently diagnosis with breast cancer.  … [Read more...]

Medical Monday: Cervical Cancer


Cervical cancer is cancer that starts at the cervix, the lower portion of the uterus that enters the top of the vagina.  The disease can be localized, or may spread to the lungs, liver, uterus, and … [Read more...]

Be Creative. Reinvent your storage.


I have a secret to share. Well it’s not really a secret if you have ever been to my home. I am a clutter bird from knick-knacks to my third grade science paper, check one of my closets and you will … [Read more...]

I CAN’T Take Time For Myself!


I know you.  Don’t look over your shoulder.  I’m talking to you girlfriend.  I know you.  You’re his wife, their mother, your boss’s employee, your mother’s child and your best … [Read more...]

Mom, I thought we were white.

"But mom, I thought we were white."

Yesterday I told my six year old son that we were celebrating Black History Month.    He said, "but February is Valentine's Day."  I explained that Valentine's Day was a Day in the Month.  But … [Read more...]

My Post Office Experience


A few months ago, I went to my PO Box and there was NO MAIL in my box. I thought that it was very odd. I went back a few days letter, and there was a yellow note in my box that I had an article too … [Read more...]

Frugality Basics


The hardest part about achieving financial freedom is changing your habits. Before tackling those student loans, working on that emergency cash cushion, or contributing to your retirement fund, you … [Read more...]

No Weary Souls Allowed in 2011


Before the New Years bells, firecrackers and obligatory gunshots filled the air with noise, I walked into my powder room, leaned on the sink, faced the mirror and stared myself in the face.  I peered … [Read more...]

Preparation for success in 2011


What many fail to realize is success comes with a price, and a heavy price at that. Whatever area or expertise you are pursuing will cost you plenty if you want to be succeeding at a higher level. … [Read more...]

Are Your Lifestyle Choices Killing You Slowly?

Woman Holding Donut

The biggest challenge today regarding your health is the decision to make the best choices. The media has flooded the marketplace with an overwhelming amount of information on dieting, exercise, … [Read more...]