Closer Than Most:Friends With Benefits


Can men and women, be just friends? This is a question that has plagued many, and in the 1989 hit film, When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal’s character tells Meg Ryan that men and women cannot be … [Read more...]

BabyDaddy Drama


It’s all over the news, that Halle Berry and her daughter’s father are having custody issues.  The media calls it news, but we common folk call it baby daddy drama.  I know that initially Halle … [Read more...]

S.O.S (Save Our Sisters)


After an intense email exchange with my online women’s group, I feel compelled to address this topic. I read the book Single Saved and Having Sex by Ty Adams. This book outlines the grave … [Read more...]

Maybe I Should Have Given Him Some?


It is 10:45pm and I am beyond tired.  I am TI-RED!  As I slip into my bed and find that sweet spot on my pillow, my husband gently kisses my ear and whispers his request for some “extra time”.  … [Read more...]

Magazine Monday: Everything I know about being a Mom..


I love my son''s Dentist Office. They have the best magazine subscriptions. It sucks that they are super fast and courteous. I barely get through them all. I did manage to read this great article in … [Read more...]