All The Single Men Are Not Available


 This year, I am on a mission to save single women from mediocre men. The first topic on my agenda is addressing the list. Yes, the list of qualities we all want in a man: handsome, working, … [Read more...]

Flying Solo

Beautiful young black hair woman with tattoo in her back walking

I am a firm believer that at some point in time every woman, and I mean every woman, should take the time to be truly single.  Just hang out with yourself for a while. … [Read more...]

The Single Girls’ Guide to Summer Fun


All the single ladies, summertime is upon us, and it’s around this time that we get a little depressed, if not nauseous, at couples strolling along the promenade, picnicking, and holding hands at … [Read more...]

S.O.S (Save Our Sisters)


After an intense email exchange with my online women’s group, I feel compelled to address this topic. I read the book Single Saved and Having Sex by Ty Adams. This book outlines the grave … [Read more...]

Oh So Single!


Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day (“S.A.D”) as it is called in some circles, is right around the corner. Many singles do become sad during this time, but Christ desires that we be content … [Read more...]

Happy V-Day to all the Single Ladies!!!


Are you anxiously counting down the moments until this day is over?  Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to celebrate love -- when you are in a relationship.  When you are not, it kinda sucks.  … [Read more...]

Are you settling for a Bird in the Hand when God has a Ram in the Bush?


Why is it that some single women stay in relationships when they are unfulfilled while others are content to walk away? Is it a lack of faith that they can have a happy and fulfilling relationship? … [Read more...]