The GoodSisters!

Sister Mothyna James-Brightful, Visionary Director & Founder

The GoodSisters! is a new feature for SistersSpace.  In this column, we will feature women of color making a difference in our communities. Our inaugural team of GoodSisters! are from Heal a Woman to … [Read more...]

Forever Friends


We all have girlfriends.  Girlfriends you shop with.  Girls you gossip with, girlfriends you party with and girlfriends you pray with.  I have been fortunate enough to have one friend that I can … [Read more...]

Respect Your Wisdom Warriors

Image Credit: Sweet Honey in The Rock

When I was twelve I started writing notes in class.  I would put all my sixth grade business in these notes.  This guy is cute, his friend is cuter, that girl is lame, her friend is even more … [Read more...]