New Age dating: It’s your turn to pay!

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So what is consider a date? Defined by Merriam-Webster online dictionary date means an appointment to meet at specified time; especially: a social engagement between two persons that often has a … [Read more...]

Go Wear Red


February is the American Heart Association “Go Wear Red” campaign where the organization raises heart disease awareness for women.  A lot of us ladies will be wearing out lovely red suits and red … [Read more...]

All The Single Men Are Not Available


 This year, I am on a mission to save single women from mediocre men. The first topic on my agenda is addressing the list. Yes, the list of qualities we all want in a man: handsome, working, … [Read more...]

Confidence and the Black Woman


Unfortunately we as Black Women get up almost every day having to prove to the world that we can do the same things a White Woman can.  Our difference, more fortitude and forth righteousness, but why … [Read more...]

GoodBrother! Wisdom Is Misery


Our latest GoodBrother! is Blogger Wisdom is Misery.  He will be featured as a guest blogger for SistersSpace next week.  WIM has an incredible writing style that is both reflective and insightful. … [Read more...]

What can you do for a dollar?


My son is a precocious six year old.  I asked him why was he always so happy.  His reply was that he was born this way. And I think it’s true.  I don’t know anyone who dare say that my child … [Read more...]

Seven Tips for Black Women to Live a Happier Life


In this day and age when the world is changing, technology is advancing, and years have passed by in a blink of an eye, Black women may wonder about the future and how it will directly impact them. … [Read more...]

Love You or Lose You


Recently, I had a conversation with one of my closest girlfriends.  The fact that she's one of my closest friends is not incidental.  It's important because that means that she and I are so close … [Read more...]

How not to be a sports widow


If you can answer the following three questions, then you may be a sports widow: … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Bringing Balance into Your Life


Keeping yourself balanced is a constant process. You have to continually work on yourself both inside and out in order to remain grounded. Often time life storms can cause you to become … [Read more...]